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  • is India's most preferred and Premium Website to Play Indian Rummy Online if you want to win cash. The Traditional rummy card game of India is a fun-filled game. It has been a great and ultimate source of entertainment within the family and friend circles right since ages. We can see that the classic card game of rummy has carved its own place in social gatherings like outings occasioned by anniversaries, festivals, family get-togethers, and other celebrations as the origin of pure and unadulterated fun! It is a skill-based game in which the old, young, men and women alike took great delight in playing this Indian Rummy game which is centuries old. Khel Play Rummy is the ideal and perfect platform for you to play rummy card games, where you can forge relationships with people spanning different generations!

    To Play Rummy game at home with a physical pack of cards is now a thing of the past. In this internet age, KhelPlay Rummy brings you a digital adaptation of the traditional 13 cards Indian rummy or 21 cards Indian rummy which you can play with ease on your desktops/laptops/tablets and/or mobile devices. Did you know, that you can now play rummy online cash game for real cash on KhelPlay Rummy? Playing online rummy game with KhelPlay Rummy is a one-of-a-kind experience that will keep you hooked and craving for more, as it is loaded with exciting new features! So, why to wait? It is time, to start playing real cash rummy game with KhelPlay Rummy! Play rummy and enjoy all the rummy games online.
  • You can Download and Install KhelPlay Rummy App on your iOS or Android device now and begin playing classic rummy game or real cash rummy online and free rummy game just like the lakhs of other Indian players who have embraced the mobile rummy bandwagon! It is time to Enjoy online Rummy game as you are on the move, because the KhelPlay Rummy App allows you to indulge in your passion to play online free Rummy, anywhere and anytime, that too with only a few taps on your iOS or Android device! It was never before so easy to play real cash rummy.

    The KhelPlay Rummy mobile app features an advanced game lobby which is thoroughly optimized to the needs of the player. It also allows you to play online rummy game safely and in a hassle-free fashion. Download rummy mobile app – rummy app for android (phones & tablets) and rummy app for iOS (iPad & iPhones) and begin to play the free rummy game online or rummy online cash game from anywhere and at any time of the day with players from across India!

    KhelPlay Rummy app features:

    • Has a Highly Navigable Interface to Play Rummy Games Online
    • With Advanced Safety Features that give Foolproof Security
    • Easy and Quick Facility to do Withdrawals and Deposits
    This rummy app let our players to:

    • Play & enjoy free rummy game online
    • Play & enjoy online rummy for real cash
    • Do Deposit and Withdrawal of Money in a secure way
    • Switch seamlessly and easily between mobile and desktop devices like iPhones, iPads and Tablets
    The KhelPlay Rummy app can be downloaded and installed by both new and existing registered users for FREE on their Android as well as iOS devices. Registered users can start playing real cash rummy online for free using rummy app, by using the same username (access details) that they use while playing on their desktops or laptops. New users can register for free through the rummy app. Start playing real cash rummy online for free, download the rummy app on your Android or iOS device, click on one of the options below:
    Rummy App for Android Rummy App for iOS
  • 13 Cards Indian Rummy is a rummy card game that has and still enjoys a perpetual popularity amongst the Indian audiences. It was limited within the confines of close family and friend circles, but this rummy cash game has now spread its wings and expanded its horizons to enter the online realm in the age of high-speed internet! KhelPlay Rummy is proud to be a leader from the front with its online version of 13 cards Indian Rummy that’s innovative, immersive and which you can play with online rummy players all over India who are very much passionate about the game.

    The gaming market is currently flooded with so many online rummy sites that offer Indian rummy, but the reason that makes KhelPlay Rummy stand out from the others is the user-friendly interface that promises a rich & immersive online rummy experience for everyone. KhelPlay Rummy makes it immensely easy to begin with playing real rummy or to play rummy online for free.

    KhelPlay Rummy is truly a perfect platform if you want to sharpen your analytical skills and offers you a wonderful chance to face-off on equal terms with the leading online rummy players from all over India, all this while, you rake in the moolah as you play best rummy games!! Real money is up for grabs in every match, in every tournament, and the one thing between you and cash rewards are your rummy skills! So, right now play rummy online & win real money only on KhelPlay Rummy.

    Rummy is locally referred to as ‘Paplu,’. The Indian Rummy can be considered as hugely inspired from Gin Rummy & Rummy 500 and is equally fun to play as any of its Western cousins. There exist not one but two popular versions of India Rummy games played all over India: 13 Cards Rummy & 21 Cards Rummy. 13 Cards Indian Rummy and 21 Cards Indian Rummy, these two versions are named based on the number of cards dealt to the players at the beginning of the rummy card game: 13 and 21 respectively. These 2 versions of Indian rummy have been played traditionally among the family members and also with groups of individuals on festive occasions. It is also regularly played during friendly events like marriages, kitty parties, and anniversary occassions. These rummy card games thoroughly enjoy a widespread popularity in the card rooms and clubs in India and are also played as a leisure pastime activity by people who travel on long-distance trains. The ease of playing real rummy online for free on the web while having access to all the free online rummy websites like KhelPlay Rummy, along with another rummy enthusiast is what attracts people (rummy players) towards Online Rummy in its various forms to play rummy online for cash. Also not to forget, the hassle-free online payment having a continuous online support and call support available to rummy Players makes it a completely safe, secure, and trustworthy online platform to play the rummy card game for free. The players of KhelPlay Rummy are allowed to play rummy online for real cash using its mobile rummy app. Play real rummy online and win real money right away.

    So, why is the best ever rummy website or platform on the planet to play this classic rummy game, you may ask? It is simple, KhelPlay Rummy takes user experience seriously. KhelPlay Rummy offers a seamless user experience for playing free rummy or rummy online, while giving the chance to win huge cash rewards. Players can enjoy online rummy card games anytime and anywhere using the KhelPlay Rummy’s mobile rummy app. You get plenty of options to deposit cash and also get a secure platform; KhelPlay Rummy offers a rummy experience which is second to none, to rummy enthusiasts. KhelPlay Rummy has always worked to give the best ever rummy experience to all the players, and a real true testimony for that would be the lakhs of happy rummy players playing online rummy card games on its platform. Playing rummy online for free is so much secure and easy now; if you are after real rummy nirvana, then you just can’t go wrong with KhelPlay Rummy. Without any hesitation, download KhelPlay Rummy app and play rummy online for real cash.
  • KhelPlay Rummy brings the best free online rummy gaming experience to you, having an advanced digital interface with guaranteed hours and hours of undiluted & pure entertainment in real cash rummy. What’s more! You get an opportunity to earn real cash rummy rewards with KhelPlay Rummy.

    Popular Game Formats:
    13 Cards Rummy & the 21 Cards Rummy are 2 most popular variants of online rummy that can be played at along with other variants. KhelPlay Rummy lets you play popular rummy games online via its mobile app.

    10 Cards Rummy:
    The 10 Cards Rummy is a fast-paced and action-packed variant of Indian Rummy. It is a 2 player game played using 1 deck of cards (52+1), and a 10 card game with more than 2 players is played with 2 decks. All the players are given (dealt with) 10 cards, which they meld in proper sequences and sets. This 10 Cards Rummy has 3 types of games: Points, Pool & Deals.

    13 Cards Rummy:
    This 13 Cards Rummy is a traditional variety of Indian Rummy game that is played between 2 to 6 Players using 2 decks of cards at KhelPlay Rummy. Each player is dealt with 13 cards in a 13 Card Rummy game, out of those, 12 have to be melded into Sequences and Sets. Besides 2 Printed Jokers, 13 Card Rummy also uses 8 Wildcard Jokers. The reason that makes 13 Card Rummy extremely popular among Rummy Players, is that it’s easy to play and can be enjoyed in its different versions: Pool, Deals & Points.

    Pool Rummy:
    There are two types in Pool rummy – 101 and 201. The basic premise of 101 Pool Rummy Game is, the 1st Player to reach 101 Points loses; likewise, in 201 Pool Rummy Game the 1st Player to reach 201 Points loses the game. Players continue to attempt to meld their cards in proper Sequences and Sets and also minimise their number of points so as to avoid going to the danger mark of 101 or 201. What makes this Pool rummy game more exciting is the chance for Players to Re-enter in the Game after they have lost, but this is allowed only when the highest score is less than 79 points in 101 Rummy and less than 174 Points in the case of 201 Rummy Game. The facility for Pot to be Split between the Players via Auto Split and Manual Split options is another interesting aspect of Pool Rummy Game. Manual Split lets 2 or more Players to share the Spoils on a Multiplayer table having 3 or more players while Auto Split will get triggered at the time when 2 or more players are stranded on scores of more than 80 and 175 in 101 & 201 Rummy Multiplayer Game respectively.

    Deals Rummy:
    The commonly played rummy variant having a fixed number of Deals, is Deals Rummy. Based on the number of Deals involved, the Deals Rummy Game can be categorised in: Best of 2 (BO2) or Best of 3 (BO3) or Best of 6 (BO6) types. In all the three of these versions, whatever be the number of rounds won, the player who scores minimum points at the end of 2 rounds in BO2 or 3 rounds in BO3 or 6 rounds in BO6 is declared as the winner. In the case of a Tie between 2 or more Players, an additional Tiebreaker Round will be played to crown the Winner.

    Points Rummy:
    An extremely popular Variant of Rummy consisting of only 1 deal per game is Points Rummy. Here, the value of points is predetermined. Players select between different Point Games in the range of point values between 0.05 and 125 in this highly entertaining and fast-paced Rummy format. In each Point Game, the winner gets the prize amount equal to the total combined score of all losing players multiplied with point value and minus the rake*.

    13 Cards Rummy and 21 Cards Rummy, both can be played in Points format.

    21 Cards Rummy:
    21 Cards Rummy is another popular (version) variant of Indian Rummy game commonly played all over India and can be played in its Desktop Version at KhelPlay Rummy. It is played in Points format with 3 decks of cards. 21 Cards Rummy needs a minimum of 3 Pure Sequences to be formed to do a valid Show. Besides making use of additional Grouping terms like Tunellas and Dublees, this 21 Cards Rummy also has an extra group of Wildcard Jokers! It is tailor-made for those rummy players who are adept to play lengthier versions of the rummy game. This variant is expansive in scope and presents the rummy players with a wider range of possibilities, thus, serving as a more robust measure of testing their Rummy capabilities or skills.

    27 Cards Rummy:
    Khelplay Rummy presents to you exclusively: the 27 card Rummy game. 27 Cards Rummy is played between 2 to 5 players, and uses 3 decks of 53 (52 + 1) cards each, that has one printed joker per deck. You can play the 27 card rummy game with only Point rummy variant.

    Rummy Tournaments:
    KhelPlay Rummy Tournaments are conducted and played regularly in 13 Cards Rummy format and may be Level based or Round based. Rummy Players can join for free or with some minimum buy-ins to play and win real Cash Chips and Prizes. Moreover, KhelPlay Rummy also offers Tickets to Players for joining some specific Tournaments.

    So, you shouldn’t wait for anything. Play rummy online & win real money. Register now and begin playing real rummy online for free. Be ready to enjoy an unlimited fun, by playing rummy games online at KhelPlay Rummy.
  • KhelPlay Rummy provides you with easy deposits options online whenever you select to play online rummy with cash. Rummy Players can deposit using multiple options on website and also on the android app.

    KhelPlay Rummy not only provides its esteemed players to play Indian rummy card game or free rummy online, but also all the transactions done on KhelPlay Rummy website are guaranteed safe and secure. When you click the Add Cash option on website, you will be directed to the payment page where various payment options like Net Banking, Paytm, Credit Card, Mobile Wallet, Cash Cards, etc. can be availed. On the top part of the payment page, players need to fill in the Deposit amount and also input the Bonus Code (if any), after this, they need to again click/tap on Add Cash button which is on the bottom. Then the player will be directed to the Secure Payment Gateway. All the Rummy Players should be assured, the information they enter on KhelPlay Rummy app or website is not shared with any third party, we ensuring complete confidentiality of all User data. It was never so easy to Play online rummy card games for real cash!

    You can do Withdrawals without any hassle at KhelPlay Rummy. Our online rummy players are allowed to withdraw anywhere from Rs. 100 to Rs. 10,000 in one go. According to the withdrawal policy, you will get fast withdrawal in two modes: Bank Transfer and UPI. Please be informed that there is a document verification process which needs to be carried out before withdrawal can be initiated, details of which can be checked under the withdrawal Tab. Liked these features? Now download KhelPlay Rummy app and play rummy online.
  • It is completely Legal for anyone to play Rummy online in India!

    Yes! it is absolutely legal to play rummy whether it is online or offline. As per the decision of Supreme Court, it is legal to play rummy online for free across India (except for the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim & Telangana).

    So, you do not need to worry, forget about all the rumours that deter you from enjoying online rummy. Register right now and enjoy the full benefits, have fun and take in a whole new experience of playing online rummy games at KhelPlay Rummy!

    (Users who access the site or app from these Indian states: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim & Telangana are not entertained by for legal reasons. We don’t entertain people from these regions accessing the sites/app or wagering on the game. Users who are detected by the system accessing the website/app from the above Indian states or any other region where there is an issue regarding playing real rummy online, their accounts will stand suspended or cancelled.)
  • You get an Awesome Flat 222% Welcome Bonus on your First Deposit!

    KhelPlay Rummy offers great benefits to the newly joined online rummy players to kick start their rummy journey by playing Indian rummy card game on our platform. When you decide to play real cash rummy and make your first cash deposit, we offer a Flat 222% Instant Bonus by using either of the Bonus codes: RR10K or BVIP. For example, Your deposit of Rs. 100 at KhelPlay Rummy will give you a flat Rs. 222 as an Instant Bonus in your account. In this offer, the Maximum Bonus that you can avail of is Rs. 1 LAKH on your 1st Deposit. So, what are you waiting for? Deposit and play rummy online.

    Refer your Friends and Get up to Rs. 2,500* & your friend gets a flat Bonus of 272%*.

    Share your common interest in online rummy by referring your friends and family. It’s a win-win situation for you and that friend, as the Referrer gets 5% cash up to Rs. 2,500 of the Referee's wagering amount; and also the referee gets a 272% bonus up to Rs. 2,500 on his/her first deposit by using this following Code: REF250.

    Free Rummy Tournaments:
    Besides the above offers, there are numerous rummy tournaments like the Daily Freeroll tournament, the Night Freeroll tournament, and the DPJP (Don’t Pay Just Play) tournament on KhelPlay Rummy. Participation for all rummy players, in these rummy tournaments is totally FREE, and collectively you can win from a total monthly prize pool of more than Rs. 5,00,000! It has been never so easy to play rummy online for cash & win big cash rewards.

    See all our rummy tournaments here.

    So, what are you waiting for? Start playing rummy games online at KhelPlay Rummy right away.

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